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ones that focus on information youve already covered) and unofficial quizzes that focus on specific content areas (the Environmental Science and Albert quizzes are good places to start). Nuclear energy is negative due to the storage that must take place for the nuclear energy not used, which is extremely radioactive. Previous Megathread, resources, aP, course Reviews, fAQ. Advertising is not allowed without moderator approval. The College Board has released previous free-response questions from. Doing regular review will help you stay on top of the material, be prepared for class exams, and make reviewing for the final AP test much less overwhelming pros of cell phones essay in the spring. . This test does a good job of replicating actual AP questions, and it also includes in-depth answer explanations for each question, including sample responses for free-response questions. The quizzes can be helpful for more focused studying, but, in general, the complete diagnostic test is the best resource from this site.

Although they may be helpful in providing energy, they lead to environmental and health problems.
For example the use of coal in power plants can lead to lung cancer, gives off atmospheric pollution, and also leaves solid wastes due to the ash produced and metals released.
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