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feel good about yourself. As you read this booklet and work on the exercises, keep the following statement in mind: "I am a very special, unique, and valuable person. Your happiness (or your misery) depend in a great part upon what you tell yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you interpret your world. To help relieve these feelings, let your friends know what you are going through. Low self-esteem keeps you from enjoying life, doing the things you want to do, and working toward personal goals. At these times, it is easy to be drawn into a downward spiral of lower and lower self-esteem. "I am 5-7 I have brown hair, I'm a father, I am a teacher are examples of the conclusions I might reach through self-appraisal. This saying is fair for all genders though; indeed, no one can affect your life as much as you can do yourselfboth in a positive or a negative way. I deserve to feel good about myself.". There is a saying that there is no bigger enemy to a man than a man himself.

By using the ideas and activities in this booklet, you can avoid doing things that make you feel even worse and do those things that will make you feel better about yourself. There are certain patterns people with the regarded problem think and act. However, it can be very difficult to feel good about yourself when you are under the stress of having symptoms that are hard to manage, when you are dealing with a disability, when you are having a difficult time, or when others are treating you. They will diminish as you feel better and better about yourself. Do things to relax, such as meditating or taking a nice warm bath.

You are responsible for yourself. However, if a person starts to evaluate their negative self-beliefs more critically, and focuses on real life activities, their self-esteem might turn to a brighter side. One is that the self concept is very subjective. Here, the concept is that we develop the way we value ourselves by how we compare, or measure up to others. In other words, our self concept may be based less on reality, and more on obsolete or distorted information. As you begin to use the methods in this booklet and other methods that you may think of to improve your self-esteem, you may notice that you have some feelings of resistance to positive feelings about yourself. Believe in yourself and believe that you are capable of handling life's problems. Despite the fact that we all change, there is a strong tendency to hold fast to an existing self concept, even. Also, cases of eating disorders, orientation on the opinions of surrounding people, depression, and reluctance to do anything connected to socialization are more frequent among people with low self-esteem ( ). Another characteristic of self concept is that it resists change. But the bottom line is, you play a huge part in your happiness, and you can greatly increase it by taking action and changing your attitude toward yourself.

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