chhatrapati shivaji essay in gujarati

land that he was known to employ Guerrilla tactics (or. Shivaji captured the forts of Purander and Javeli after rescuing his father from the Bijapur sultans prison. Established a dedicated army, image source, before Shivaji, his father and ancestors made use of civilians and farmers who fought for them in the dry seasons and never invested in an army.

Essay on, chhatrapati, shivaji in Hindi

chhatrapati shivaji essay in gujarati

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Bagh Nakh ) in his left sleeve. He also built a strong Navy. Anyone from his army caught violating a womans rights was severely punished. Returning from imprison, he recaptured the forts which he lost in the treaty of Purander. His father was a Mercenary of Bijapur sultan. After capturing Torna fort, he captured Kondana and Rajgad forts. Shivaji was known as the father of Indian Navy. He trained them as soldiers.

Ganimi Kava ) like raiding, ambushing, and surprise attacks with small groups on his enemies to have a better advantage over them. Jaanta Raja, or the Knowing King.