industrial revolution positive effects essay

children could work in factories and enforced safety and sanitary regulations. Industrial, revolution had a huge impact on the various countries. Such enforcements included the Factory Act of 1833 which said that children had to be over 9 years old to work in factories, and children 9-13 thesis statement for stress management years old couldnt work more than 9 hours, and children 13-18 years old could not work more than. The period saw various sector changes. This caused the main river of Manchester to look coal black and be packed with stinking filth. These unions created laws and regulations that made working less dangerous, cruel, and more sanitary.

Industrial, revolution not taken place our world and its economies would be slow coming, society would experience greater stratification and personal security would be greatly lacking. Industrial, revolution people had worked at home on farms or in small workshops.

Inventors such as James Hargreaves in 1764 invented the spinning jenny that aided in the simultaneous production of threads. These results have been assessed from many viewpoints such as the factory workers, the factory owners, the government, and other people who observed the conditions in industrial cities. One negative effect of the. Products such as raw materials, food products and movement of people elicited the need for other transportation methods other than canals. Fourthly, the increased use of machines and high demand of products resulted in the creation of a stronger source of power. Conclusively, it is certain that the. Many people worked in factories, which had very tight spaces and poor lighting. The Sadler Commission, a government sponsored organization, sent inspectors to the factories to enforce the new laws that improved the laborers lives at work. These foods provided a balanced diet to these people, eliminating the various illnesses affecting them hence, become healthy. Retrieved 06:16, October 06, 2018, from. These jobs provided a higher income to some employees especially the middle-income individuals more than what they earned in the villages and provided an alternative way of life. The results of the.

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