india of my dreams essay

not in the show more content, the book india OF MY dreams is a collection of passages from writing and speeches of Mahatma Gandhi. There will be an atmosphere of equality, brotherhood and freedom all over the country. The political parties influence of social media on politics essay will no more fight for their selfish motives.

Article and Speech on Generation Gap. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on India of my dreams specifically for you. All these are not Utopian ideals. There is corruption in all walks of life. India is a multicultural, multi religious, multilingual nation and, hence, in order to maintain peace and harmony, due importance has to be given to the sentiments of each community. The industrial products would be sent to other countries, and this will make our economy sound.

Growth of Science, Industry and Education: Our country is backward in the fields of science and industry. There will have to be an all-around improvement in the functioning of democracy. The education in the country would be of need-based, and everybody is trained in something or other to earn their own lives without being a burden on others. I wish to make it an ideal country in the world. India of my dreams will be an industrialized country. India as a mighty country: India must be a very strong country. There will be no place for strikes, lockouts and agitation in the country. The India of my dreams will bring heaven to earth. .

There will be more women pilots, doctors, soldiers, officers and teachers. India of My Dreams Essay 200 to 250 words. Rather the destiny lies along the bloodless way of peace which comes from a simple living and high thinking. But the India of my dreams would be a country of the better economic standard. There will be quality education in academic institutions. Nobody will have to die for want of good medical care. Women empowerment and equality: The position and status of women in India is low.

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