kleist's essay on puppets

local theatre and was enjoying immense popularity with the audiences. But just as a section drawn through two lines suddenly reappears on the other side after passing through infinity, or as the image in a concave mirror turns up again right in front of us after dwindling into the distance, so grace itself returns when. It made him angry, and this increased his confusion. It is nothing other than the path taken by the soul of the dancer. The cast of the statue is well known; you see it in most German collections. Often shaken in a purely haphazard way, the puppet falls into a kind of rhythmic movement which resembles dance. After describing his own encounter with a bear which he was unable to strike with a rapier, the dancer concludes: We see that in the organic world, as thought grows dimmer and weaker, grace emerges more brilliantly and decisivelyGrace appears most purely in that human. I accepted his challenge but, as it turned out, I had the better of him. Certainly, I thought, the human spirit can't be in error when it is non-existent. And especially a more natural arrangement of the centres of gravity." "And what is the advantage your puppets would have over living dancers?" "The advantage?

He seems to have been inwardly overwhelmed on discovering Kant's dictum of the ultimate unknowability of truth. He asked me what incident I had in mind. That is, in the puppet or in the god." "Does that mean I said in some bewilderment, "that we must eat again of the tree of knowledge in order to return to the state of innocence?" "Of course he said, "but that's the final chapter. When it is curved, the law of its curvature seems to be at the least of the first and at the most of the second order. I said with a laugh that of course he had now found his man. They are not afflicted with the inertia of matter, the property most resistant to dance. Does that mean, I said in some bewilderment, that we must eat again of the tree of knowledge in order to return to the state of innocence? Oh yeah, Kleist died in a suicide pact with his ladyfriend who had cancer. "See if you can hit him!" they shouted. I told him I was well aware how consciousness can disturb natural grace.

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