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I here explain the solutions found to assist the client with this issue. N190, females 95 and males 95). This article is published in the category: Methods. Assume you want a two-sided significance level of 95, a power of 80, two equal groups, and you expect the prevalence of smoking among female university students to be 35 and among males to. Being busy with this, we found a program online, that can easily assist you to graphically represent the different sample sizes as displayed in the table above: G*Power 3, after downloading the program, go to the tab Protocol of power analysis and select the following.

Sample size calculation in cross-sectional studies - Epi Result How many paragraphs for an ielts essay?

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This results in life in urban and rural areas essay the following graph: Open Epi gave a sample size of 88 when having an effect size of 30 (prevalence females 30 and males 60) and this is in agreement with the graph, giving a sample size of 87 for the effect size. Set assumptions, suppose you are doing a cross-sectional study on the smoking prevalence among male and female university students. In the graph above you see the same sample size when you go to effect size.3. Then you will get the following result after entering the data: Varying assumptions, however, if you are not so sure about the prevalences to be expected in both groups, you need to repeat this exercise for different values (actually for different effect sizes; the difference. Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health ) might be the right tool for you to do a quick sample size calculation.

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