i love reading essay

characters usually know better than.). I find that I know a lot about various things, whereas my friends, who don't read books at home, don't know half the things that. When I got into high school I was thrilled, but then hit with the realization that I would be going to college in four years, which meant no more laziness. We will write a custom essay sample. I have over a hundred books in my personal library now. Throughout my elementary and middle school years I only read when I had to and absolutely avoided reading out loud whenever I could.

March 11, 2009, jane, essays features 10 Comments, last winter, I posted that I would love to hear from readers, writers, bloggers about why they read, write and blog. Hey, at least Bambi was a deer and didnt require his own plate at the dinner table, like the fellas invisible friend Mister. Love Reading or any similar topic specifically for you. Back to the topic. I also realized that if I wanted to pass my classes then I would have to read whatever was given to me and not spark note. Books hold a great charm for. Which is why I write. When sophomore year started I spent a majority of my time reading. (Mama is the youngest of four sisters, each of whom had four kids, except for Aunt Bettye, who had sixThe family Thanksgiving is massive.) For weeks afterward, my invisible friend Bambi went everywhere with. I always find that whatever is going on in the book Im reading is much more interesting than the latest gossip. It really showed me there was more to reading than the boring books my teachers gave. A Study by National Knowledge Commission, entrepreneurship in India, national Knowledge Commission 2008.

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