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Pawlos Nyonyo became more and more concerned in their works with social issues, and the widespread struggle between tradition and modernism was debated. Salihu Kontagora and Garba Gwandu emphasized the need for an accumulation of knowledge in the contemporary world. Matsepe (in Sotho and. One, John Langalibalele Dube, became the first Zulu to write a novel in his native language with Insila kaShaka (1933; Shakas Servant; Eng. This largely didactic novel is heavy with morals, as suggested by the allegorical names given to the characters. Guybon Sinxo explored the relationship between oral tradition and writing in his popular Xhosa novels, and. Kingsley Amis, broadcast 1958 5 minutes, the writer ponders the success of 'Lucky Jim' and his latest novels. Scope Muriel Spark broadcast 1971 30 minutes Muriel Spark talks to W Gordon Smith at her elegant home in Rome. But Bellos efforts would eventually give rise to a more sophisticated tradition of novel writing in Hausa.

We want to know how they create the characters we love or hate, the evocative settings, and the plots that have us reading late into the night.
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Much early Xhosa prose and poetry appeared in these periodicals. by Hemedi bin Abdallah bin Said Masudi al-Buhriy, and Utenzi wa vita vya Maji Maji (1933; The Epic of the Maji Maji Rebellion by Abdul Karim bin Jamaliddini. Also in 1959 John Marangwanda published a novel, Kumazivandadzoka (Who Goes There Never Comes Back which describes the effects of Western-style education and the consequent alienation from traditional society: Saraoga, a boy, is attracted to the city, becomes corrupted, changes his name, and is arrested. Christianity becomes a theme in Chakaipas third novel, Rudo ibofu (1962; Love Is Blind having to do with the conflict between tradition and Christianity: Rowesai is beaten by her father when she decides to become a nun.

She is later mauled by a leopard. Bello does in Gandoki what many writers were doing in other parts of Africa during this period: he experiments with form and content. Jeqe, the Bodyservant of King Shaka ). Among other written works based on Zulu history are Muntu s uSimpofu (1969.S. Akinwunmi Isola wrote O le ku (1974; Fearful Incidents a realistic novel. Intimations, robert Graves, broadcast 1965 30 minutes The author of 'I, Claudius' converses with Malcolm Muggeridge. Violet Dubes Woza nazo (1935; Come with Stories Alan Hamilton. Register today for Sing! Gumbis novel Wayesezofika ekhaya (1966; He Was About to Go Home) shows a country boy turning to crime as a result of urbanization. He wrote the first play in Somali, Samawada (1968 depicting womens role in the independence struggle after World War.