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account before mass application of these devices in public places. Now, let us discuss the possible solutions which could help reduce the crime rate. It is pitiful to witness the sarcasm of the society which, in spite of being known for worshiping them, plays with the dignity of a woman in ways more than one. What is it that makes sex a taboo in a country that put erotica on the temple walls of Khajuraho and Konarak? He however recognized the negative part of crime, anyway, by conceding that crime is an act that shocks sentiments, which, for a given society, are found in all healthy consciences. To some extent, the violation of those social norms, which could be regarded as crime, brought about social change in the. I think, it is the society, and its perception(s).

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Although there are several of resources that could teach people the intelligent approach of emotional and social learning for adult, these teachers are still not professional. These women reported more incidents where they were isolated from family or friends as well as reporting a higher amount of name-calling and put downs. People believe if someone has committed crime they should stay in prison longer. When in the police station, Raskolnikov hears talk of the murders and with just a reminder of his crime, he quickly becomes weak. Doesnt it happen in India, the fastest growing population? Others, however, believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime. This paper emphasized on the fact that, unlike other scholars in the field of criminology, Durkheim perceived crime in, arguably, a kind of paradoxical manner in the sense that he started by defining crime as being caused by social interactions. For example, the relationship between committing a crime and poverty should be considered; as poverty is increasing, crime rate is increasing too. In addition, when people themselves care about decreasing heinous crimes in cities, it can be sort of a preventive action to harness well the situation in society by government as well. Purpose Statement The purpose of this project is to determine how the rate of criminal activity ( crime ) is affected by the rate of unemployment (unemp while also considering the affects of the fluctuation of Consumer Price Index (CPI). This gave criminology a strong push to create new methods of dealing with criminals and prevent crimes. It may be the only thing they know and some prisoners spend half there life there.