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women for the men had created homemaker for the description of a womens job and life. The reason for this is that many women grew increasingly dissatisfied with the limitations society had placed on their activities. In todays society women now are more respected and are acceptable for many jobs as men are. Women were encouraged to take these jobs for the first time in history. Women then took their stand and many acts were passes in their favor. Although neither the American nor the French revolutions increased women's rights, these conflicts gave new prominence to the idea of equality. The veterans of the war were not so opposed but more rejecting to the fact of women taking their places. Women were encouraged to take wartime jobs only, then return to their homes to make room for the returning veterans. It was realized by many that women could be producers as well as reproducers and looked at in a different way. Knowing that the women would help the wars progress greatly many issues were discussed before allowing them to work.

These rights are supported, ins. Essay on Women s Legal Right Throughout History. Rights of Egyptian Women Throughout written history, women have experienced status subservient to the men they.

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Women continued working during the postwar and grew stronger. Ask our professional writer! The government wanted power towards them, to have possession essay on artificial jewellery of influence that the women undergoes. For once women were looked at as producers and not reproducers. In 1821, American teacher Emma Willard founded the Troy Female Seminary (now the Emma Willard School) in Troy,.Y. To some it was a shock but to many it was a divine privilege. They have given the women of today hope and acceptation of their right to decide how they would like to live. In 1945, 3/4 of the women polled by the Womens Bureau of the Department. Women of those years have effected the women of today greatly. The wars demand, the war had made the proposition to the women to do the mans work (Leahy,.35).

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