bu requires graduation thesis

includes that the student attends the Master's thesis seminar. The thesis is a written research assignment and approximately around 60100 pages in length. CSR reporting in the EU under Directive 2014/95/EU : a case study of Danish influence on EU CSR policy Natural Resources Governance: Factors influencing good governance in forest management and protection: a case.

Once submitted to the Faculty, no changes can be done to the thesis anymore. The first meeting focuses on choosing and discussing the topic for the thesis. Please contact your programme coordinator once you wish to graduate in order to register your courses into your degree. If you wish to do your masters thesis in the natural resource governance/environmental policy major, please do as follows: Before the teaching starts in September or in January, register in the masters seminar in weboodi.

I wrote my graduate thesis. Theses are published in pdf-format, if the student has given a permission for e-publishing, which is recommended. Both major's (Natural Resources Governance and Environmental and Climate Change Law) have their own seminars. For the spring semester the deadline is 31 May (if a student wishes to graduate within the spring semester). I did my graduate thesis on semi-conductor memory. The duration of the grading process is one month. Dissertation and Thesis Preparation on this web site for formatting details.

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