essay drinking age should stay 21

because drinking and driving rates are not particularly high in Europe among late teens does not mean this trend would continue in the.S. 1931 Words Oct 14th, 2012 8 Pages. Secondly, raising the legal age of drinking does not prevent a minor from drinking. Above: Every 12 minutes, another person dies in a car accident.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Works Cited, fell, James. This act has caused controversy for years, there even is group of 136 college presidents called Amethyst Initiative that support a lower minimum legal show more content, these statistics prove Engs theory that because Alcohol consumption is illegal for young adults tend to synthesis essay ap language consume alcohol. placing limit for amount of drinking alcohol instead of changing the law at the age of drinking alcohol. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, many might say that a beer or two is a great way to relax after a long day; however when one does the commonly especially at a young age it can have many permanent effect to the brain. It contains a substance that causes to loss of consciousness, which affect the thinking person. What age are you as a senior in high school? If their theory was true the binge drinking rate for 21 to 25 years olds would not.5 in 2010.