elder care research paper

disease are clearly important in accelerating the onset of the frailty syndrome ( 165169 ). 2002 ; 57A : M487 -M491. 2003 ; 58A. Formal geriatric assessment instruments and the care of older general medical outpatients. It's never too late: health promotion and illness prevention in older persons.

Google Scholar 210 Lowenthal. Morbidity profiles of centenarians: survivors, delayers, and escapers. At the same time, as these results have become known, there is an increasing belief that testosterone in males may improve cognitive function ( 3638 ). The recent explosion of the use of expensive antipsychotics, any of which have no proven efficacy, to treat behavioral problems in nursing homes is particularly to be deplored!

In the steps of giants: the early geriatrics texts. Influenza: A preventable lethal disease. While we are aware of important differences in meaning between terms and of significant terminology confusion in the field 3, 4, we use the terms knowledge translation, knowledge utilization, research implementation, and research utilization synonymously in this protocol series. Google Scholar 20 Sands LP, Yaffe K, Lui L-Y, Stewart A, Eng C, Covinsky. Google Scholar 140 Tariq SH, Haleem U, Omran ML, Kaiser FE, Perry HM, Morley. In the arena of treatment for Alzheimer's disease, data continue to emerge that cholinesterase inhibitors slow the progression of the disease ( 9 ). CAE and PGN co-lead project one and LD is the lead investigator for trec project two. Citations, impact factor, and the Journal.

A particularly aggressive area of longevity research is to study the factors that. That improve patient outcomes,.g., Acute Care For the Elderly Units. Translating research in elder care: an introduction to a study pro tocol series. We include an overview of the program (this paper as well.