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and the Body / Edition. It could serve to inspire scholars of other fundamentalist movements to look more closely at issues of generational dissatisfaction, heroic masculinity, and the emergence of new forms of piety."-AJS, "n this ground-breaking work, Stadler accomplishes the seemingly impossible by penetrating the exclusive male enclave. This informant then invited students over to discuss these texts with Stadler and himself outside of the yeshiva setting. Product Details, iSBN-13:, publisher: New York University Press, publication date. Moreover, given the dearth of true observational studies of this bastion of male Jewish learning, this pioneering effort not only unravels some complexities of the Yeshiva world, but also uncovers the seeds of rebellion brewing among younger scholars who are verbalizing objections to their teachers'. Davis takes up homosexuality, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the legal system, the history of science and medicine, eugenics and genetics. WHO PUT THE THE IN THE novel? Bending Over Backwards: Essays on Disability and the Body "Lennard Davis is history in the making; for he is one of the foremost proponents of "disability studies the newest theoretical kid on the block, noteworthy in part because it brings together scholars from the humanities.

Bending Over Backwards : Essays on, disability and the, body
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Bending, over Backwards: Essays on Disability and the, body
Bending Over Backwards: Disability, Dismodernism and Other

Group, scholarly Professional, classification Method, lCCN. GO TO THE margins OF THE class. Select a Purchase Option purchase options, buy New-.00 purchase options, marketplace - from.16, overview. Davis takes up homosexuality, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the legal system, the history of science and medicine, eugenics, and genetics.

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Enforcing Normalcy: Disability, Deafness and the Body and, the Disability Studies Reader. Bérubé Reviews " Bending Over Backwardsis a welcome dismemberment of all that was unknowingly artificial from the start." "Davis's work offers creative and challenging examples that may be useful to our discipline and particularly to Disability historians. Throughout, he maintains that disability is the central category of postmodernity because it redefines the body in relation to concepts of normalcy which underlie the very foundations of democracy and humanistic ideas about the body. This text re-examines issues writing research methodology-dissertation concerning the relationship between disability and normality in the light of postmodern theory and political activism. Select a Purchase Option purchase options, buy New-.80 purchase options, marketplace - from.94, overview. If Stadler's analysis is correct, a mini-revolution is in the offing for Haredi society and its future role and status in Israel. Because women are not allowed in the yeshiva setting, Stadler's research methods had to be creative. Author Biography: Lennard. THE rule OF normalcy. Crips strike back.