ssrc dissertation fieldwork

scholars with a range of disciplinary and regional perspectives. Write in clear, intelligible prose. I applied last year. This year's faculty mentors are: Jinsoo An - Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures- University of California, Berkeley. Read through the selection criteria posted on our website and in the application portal, and take these criteria seriously. Book Exchange, International Dissertation Research Fellowship fellow Winnie Won Yin Wong (2008) responds to questions about her book Van Gogh on Demand: China and the Readymade from idrf fellows Laura-Zo Humphreys (2007) maxine hong kingston no name woman essay and Amy Hanser (2001) and idrf fellow and Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop participant.

Research proposals must be double-spaced and not exceed ten pages in length (including any appendices, footnotes, or end notes). When accessing the application portal, you can use the same login credentials as last year. Does my language evaluator have to be at my institution? Whichever second reference letter is submitted first will be accepted; any additional letters from second references will be discarded. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to write carefully considered responses to each of the three research relevance questions in the application. Based on narrative project descriptions submitted as part of the application packet, participants will prepare a synthetic essay incorporating all projects, from which broader methodological and thematic discussions will be developed and incorporated into the four-day agenda. July 10th23rd 2018, democratic Republic of Congo, uVC Director Tatiana Carayannis and. The bibliography may be single-spaced. If you try to upload two separate documents, the second document will replace the first.