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to initiate that climb up the chimney. Later, however, I do not always feel it is the work of a genius.1 Although I am content to leave observations on genius to geniuses like Stravinsky, surely there are few of us, whatever the ranges and scales of our self-evaluation and self-esteem, who have. I think it is the best because I am putting into it everything I feel. Straus is Professor of Music Theory at Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. The result is complete, authoritative, and fully accessible-the definitive source of Babbitt's influential ideas. If I could write it better I would. For more detailed ordering information, see:.

For GBP online orders, e-mail. Milton Babbitt is William Shubael Conant Professor of Music Emeritus at Princeton University. Stephen Dembski is Professor of Music Composition at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Andrew Mead is Professor of Music at the University of Michigan.

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The present essay represents Babbitts own responses to a number of essays in the volume. In essays and public addresses spanning fifty years, Babbitt has grappled profoundly with central questions in the composition and apprehension of music. It is the only one that exists for. Prior to this collection, Babbitt's writings were scattered through a wide variety of journals, books, and magazines-many hard to find and some unavailable-and often contained typographical errors and editorial corruptions of various kinds. These writings range from personal memoirs and critical reviews to closely reasoned metatheoretical speculations and technical exegesis. To be sure, there are the occasional gratifications of the forgotten nicety, but more often there is that disappointing search for the composition that isnt there, that was not written, that yet hasnt been written. This volume of almost fifty pieces gathers, corrects, and annotates virtually everything of significance that Babbitt has written. In addition to those essays Babbitt cites, the volume contains salutations from such composers and musicians as Elliott Carter, Arthur Berger, Charles Rosen, Charles Wuorinen, Bethany Beardslee Winham, and Vladimir Ussachevsky; it also contains original compositions by Seymour Shifrin, Martin Boykan and Benjamin Boretz. Stephen Peles is Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at the University of Alabama School of Music. That double-volume of the journal, subtitled Sounds and Words: A Critical Celebration of Milton Babbitt at 60, contains compositions, letters, and essays by friends, students and colleagues, as well as reproductions of portions of Babbitts own unpublished compositions, and photographs of the celebrant at the. For, if all of Schoenbergs works, beginning at least with the Wind Quintet, display, in that remarkable interchange of the hierarchical roles of pitch-class).