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same time, imperialism was a factor. Model T Ford 1914.E. Delcassé's rapprochement with Britain was controversial in France as Anglophobia was prominent around the start of the 20th century, sentiments that had been much reinforced by the Fashoda Incident of 1898, in which Britain and France had almost gone to war, and by the Boer.

A Mission to Civilize: The Republican Idea of Empire in France and West Africa, (2000) excerpt and text search Duroselle, Jean-Baptiste. 75 The main goal of foreign policy was the diplomatic response to the demands of the French army in the 1920s and 1930s to form alliances against the German threat, especially with Britain and with smaller countries in central Europe. A two-chamber parliament was created, along with a ministry under the President of the Council, who was nominally answerable to both the President of the Republic and Parliament. Their younger staff members were drafted, and male replacements could not be found (female journalists were not considered suitable.) Rail transportation was rationed and less paper and ink came in, and fewer copies could be shipped out. The economy was hurt by the German invasion of major industrial areas in the northeast. Farmers received higher prices, and the government purchased surplus wheat, but farmers had to pay higher taxes.

(full text) "Leo xiii Au milieu des sollicitudes". . "Appeasement in the Late Third Republic". Proceedings of the Western Society for French History. Napoleon crowned emperor 1810.E. Several important conservative politicians sustained the journal Gringoire, foremost among them André Tardieu. 6 To discourage French monarchism as a serious political force, the French Crown Jewels were broken up and sold in 1885. French Women and the First World War: War Stories of the Home Front (2000) Doughty, Robert. In 1936, the Socialists and the Radicals formed a coalition, with Communist support, to complete. 94 95 Downfall of the Third Republic edit Main articles: Battle of France, Free France, and Vichy France French Char B1 tank destroyed in 1940 The looming threat to France of Nazi Germany was delayed at the Munich Conference of 1938.

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