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gives partisan elites romeo and juliet short essay an incredible amount of power to shape and define what it means to be a Republican or a Democrat. It concerns how racism manifests in our lived reality through GOP-backed policy. Over time, partisan identities become sticky. None of this is incidental. Because we have a two-party system, to be the majority party in America requires a somewhat big-tent approach, and the ability to hold together a somewhat unwieldy coalition. Its also worth noting that the institutional design feature that creates two-party politics, the single-member plurality-winner district, is also the design feature that makes gerrymandering possible. And in hypocritical contradiction to their purported belief in small government, conservatives are often enthusiastic supporters of law enforcement, and the polices requisite right to kill American citizens without facing any real legal consequences. If Democrats lose, Democratic partisans feel the loss as a blow to their own sense of self.

The real problem, however, has less to do with the racism label. Here its worth asking an obvious counterfactual: What if the Supreme Court had ruled differently in the 1976 court case Buckley. The Republicans believe in restricting immigration because most immigrants are not from English-speaking countries. Republicans havent looked back since. Questions about issues in the news for students 13 and older. The highest its ever been! If anything, they are continuing to intensify. The Democrats are against any major tax reduction.

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Of course our national debt is the highest its ever been, in large part because our economy is the largest its ever been! Because American institutions are majoritarian, and because the president has considerable power, a small number of votes can mean the balance between two very different outcomes. Republican gains roughly mirrored Democratic losses. They feel any reduction comes at the expense of the social security system and the need to pay down the national debt. What Beinart fails to reckon with in any meaningful way is the debt the modern Republican Party owes to bigotry for its very existence. At heart, when we vote, we ask the question: Who represents people like me?

They believe it is the womens choice. Why or why not? It is a politically expedient power grab that has lasted more than half a century.

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