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and returns to native mode if the R field. Snn Filament to load1 Examples M701 2 M701 S"PLA" RepRapFirmware.19 and later implement a filament management mechanism to load and unload different materials. This is the recommended leveling method going forward. If you wish to enable FTP and/or Telnet, enable them using this command once or twice in config. Dnn Extruder drive number (0, 1,. To find out which specific Gcode(s) are implemented in any given firmware, there are little tables attached to the command descriptions, like this one: Here means: yes The Gcode is fully supported by the firmware. 4 The term "element" is used for atoms with a given number of protons (regardless of whether or not they are ionized or chemically bonded,.g. A file containing RepRap Gcode usually has the extension.g,.gco.gcode. Examples M39 ; report information for SD card 0 in plain text format M39 P1 S2 ; report information for SD card 1 in json format This command returns information about the SD card in the specified slot in the requested format.

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See Protocol_Feature_Negotiation for more info. The T parameters are intended for use with external stepper drivers. Similar to G28, which decides on its own in which direction to search endstops. 1 only supported in RepRapFirmware 2 standard call for bq-Marlin Firmware M702: Unload filament Parameters This command can be used without any additional parameters. Normally an M563 command is immediately followed by a G10 command to set the tool's offsets and temperatures. L# Load Load Mesh from the specified location in the eeprom.

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