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access to the following: Critical Essays. Young adult readers may ask. Donne confronts and enlightens seventeenth century readers with his elaborate perspective on love and his perception of death. Death be not, proud starts off by saying, death be not proud though some have called thee, mighty and dreadful for thou art not. His personification of death, He ruind me (line 17) and metaphors I, by Loves limbec, am the grave (line 21) give a powerful feeling that the death of the beloved has wronged him and as the poem reaches its end. The poem "mocks the Petrarchan doctrine of eternal faithfulness, putting in its place the anti-morality which argues that constancy is a 'heresy' and that 'Love's sweetest part' is 'variety (Cruttwell 153). The speaker of the poem gives the impression of a confident, essay for how to make jack o lantern religious, middle-aged, fearless, outgoing man who refuses to allow death to affect his life.

Indeed, he challenges and threatens it by saying, in line four, Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill. In this poem, "he presents a lover who regards constancy as a 'vice' and promiscuity as the path of virtue and good sense" (Hunt 3). It has an abba abba cddc AA rhyme scheme (with a Scottish accent, the word die is pronounced / dee so it rhymes with thee, me and eternally.) The poem is composed of three quatrains and one couplet. Donne cystic fibrosis 5 paragraph essay suggests that before he met his beloved his approximation of beauty was abstract, focusing only on the physical aspect of women, thus being unfulfilling. The main characteristics of this poem are argumentative structure and inimitable paradox. As its subtitle indicates, Gunthers book is more a personal reminiscence than a traditional biography; Gunther takes a subjective approach in his writing, adopting the persona of a storyteller rather than of a historian. Lucys Day, Being the Shortest Day This poem presents a bleak and mournful image as Donne mourns the death of a beloved.

The poet warns death to avoid pride (line 1) and reconsider its/his position as a Mighty and dreadful force (line 2). The final couplet caps the argument against Death. Analysis 7, homework Help Questions with Expert Answers. The sonnet is written in Petrarchan sonnet form with fourteen lines iambic pentameter; the first eight lines are octave, while others are sestet. Frances Gunther suggests another theme, more closely tied to the Donne poem: that death is simply a part of life and not the end of it, that it is not a bad thing but that it was too premature in Johnnys case. Mans veins are used in comparison to simple rivers and muscles to hills to justify his complexity over the world. Live while you live, then die and be done with, he writes.