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is growing into a great divide giving rise to different class and status, thus defining ones social circle. For instance, with the help of money people can easily uplift their status in the society, because every individual wants to develop his or her living standard, which in turn helps them to raise their personality in the world. Then again, if you happen to pick out someone from the opposite end of the upper class and elite, someone who belongs to a third class community, having a large family, loving spouse and even the beloved pet,. Furthermore, someone with vast riches may be considered lucky by many, but the individual himself only realizes that if there is no one to share the bounties with, there is indeed no sweetness, no matter how ripe the fruit may. Different people use money in different ways. After that point, income does not have much of an effect on emotional wellbeing. In other words, we should take benefits from each and every moment of the life. Many tend to refer to this age-old" especially when they tend to belong to sector of people who cant afford the modern day luxuries of life. With the help of ample money, an individual can achieve their goals, provide their family with a better future as well as make their lives more enjoyable in several ways but in reality merely having enough stuff or luxury has hardly given anyone the feeling.

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Two parents earning just over 37,000 per year will earn that much (which works out to around 18 per hour per parent working 40 hours per week). What they do not show more content, of course, that is just one viewpoint. The reality itself is cruel yet unavoidably true, that you cannot be fed, educated, sheltered, and you cannot have even have any enjoyment or entertainment without some kind of economic support. While money brings with it short- term happiness, true happiness benefits an individual in the long run. In todays materialistic world, the phrase that money cant buy happiness is tending to be proved hence otherwise. Can money buy happiness? Discuss both the views and give your opinion. A research paper on racism in sports famous Princeton study (linked below) found that emotional wellbeing increases steadily with income, up to around 75,000 per year. Together, these facts suggest that conflict within low income families can often relate to money problems, leading to unhappiness and divorce at higher rates than high income families.

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