software quality engineering research paper

assumption is often made that independent approaches to achieving specific software and system qualities can be easily composed. While dynamic analysis,.e., testing, will always have an important place in providing confidence, cost and criticality are increasing the need for static analysis of software that can provide assurance over the entire range of software states. Human-Computer Interaction, most complex systems require a combination of human and computer control, where humans provide intelligence and problem-solving ability while computers handle aspects requiring speed and computational power. First, academic researchers have concentrated on the mathematical aspects of problems and solutions while ignoring human factors and the necessarily informal aspects of software development. While we train engineers to be experts in individual fields, these complex heterogeneous systems (composed of electromechanical, digital, and human components) require knowledge and techniques that span engineering disciplines.

Software adds the potential for introducing a level of complexity not previously possible: Most control software is too complex for complete mathematical analysis and yet too structured for statistical analysis. Merely producing enormous amounts of code is not enough. Collection food compare and contrast essay published:, view all, article collections. Software engineering approaches often concentrate on initial software development and not on the continual evolution of the software and its environment. In contrast, even automobiles and some household products now have or will soon have that much software in them. Yet, particularly for critical systems, high confidence is often a prerequisite for certification or use. One answer to this question is that we have made progress, but the problems we are facing are increasing at a faster rate.

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