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also eliminated. Founder of Discursivity: Those who resolve complex expressions into simpler or more basic ones. Today we cant copy a book legally. The post-structuralists look for textual disunity. It subverts, accepts, manipulates breaks its order and moves ahead. He tries to figure out how a text points out to a figure who is outside and proceeds with. The author is an ideological figure.

Back, nEXT, cite This Page). So the text itself is meaning. Barthes creates binaries (e.g.

We also look for exterior deployed. However, it is not confined. According to him, his primary concern is not to analyze the concept of essays on gis authors throughout the ages but to show their relationship with the text. Contents, features of Post-Structuralism, before proceeding to what is an author we need to understand the basic characteristics of post-structuralism. Post-structuralists look for shifts and breaks in tone, viewpoint, tense, time, person, and attitude. Types of Authors According to Michel Foucault, there are two types of authors: Transdiscursive: They are the fathers. On the other hand, contemporary writings are linked to the extent of sacrificing the life. Because the task of criticism is not to bring out the work's relationships with the author, nor to reconstruct through the text a thought or experience, but rather to analyze the work through its structure, its architecture, its intrinsic form.

An author can be displaced from the text but cannot be removed completely. Cite This Source, bACK, nEXT, another great introductory essay, Foucault's ".

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