essay about load shedding in karachi

always elect these people with vested interest who always deceive us? One of key difference between a developing country and a developed (a.k.a civilized) country is the power management. April 23, 2014, the Editor, The Daily dawn, Karachi. Essay On Load shedding Conclusion For Search. There are plenty of resources for Essay On Load shedding by using proper means you can easily proper Load shedding Essay and also Paragraph On Load shedding when you are preparing English Essay On Load shedding the first question arises why Load shedding in Pakistan. Students cannot concentrate on studies and at night antisocial element I snatchers take advantage of the situation.

Loadshedding in, karachi, essay - 2806 Words

essay about load shedding in karachi

Essay about load shedding in karachi
essay about load shedding in karachi

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Whose fault it is? In Pakistan the weather mostly sunny throughout the year and from 365 days more than 250 days are sunny but still not using the Solar energy to produce electricity. The Markets are running wheel of economic cycle but due to Load shedding the government has imposed a rule to close every market on 8:00pm. It not only snatches the mental and physical peace, but also results in massive financial losses in regard of electronic appliances. In short the government is not doing the right precautions and means to supply the electricity to every individual in Pakistan. However, this is one of the most pressing problems of our area Landhi. The abuse and curses wapda gets in summer, if written on paper and loaded on Titanic, Titanic wouldnt require a storm to get drowned. Although they have started mega projects to produce electricity but they will take time of more than 5 years.

The whole nation of Pakistan is waiting for the proper solution of Load shedding, but the results are in vain, as we are very familiar in these days, the time table of Load shedding has been set by the administration of electricity to cover the. Here the question arises why we are facing Load shedding; even we are paying huge bills with extra amount of taxes. Its their responsibility provide the people with basic utilities like power supply and others.

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