paperclip watermark position

"100x100 :medium "300x300 :content :geometry '150x153 :watermark_path g :position 'SouthWest', dependent: :allow_destroy. # GPG does this automatically when you import keys to a non-existant keyring file. The key piece was removing :content. "Center" : options:position @watermark_offset options:watermark_offset @overlay options:l?? I also had to remove the following from the model in order for the upload to process: :url :path i don't understand what the purpose of :url and :path are in this scenario, when users are uploading images? Attr_accessor :current_geometry, :target_geometry, :format, :whiny, :convert_options, :watermark_path, :watermark_offset, :overlay, :position def initialize file, options, attachment nil super geometry options:geometry @file file @crop geometry-1,1 @target_geometry rse geometry @current_geometry om_file @file @convert_options options:convert_options @whiny options:l?? Create a new Pull Request. Description, this is a simple Paperclip processor to apply watermarks on Paperclip's images. The problem is, even though the images now get uploaded, no watermark is being displayed.

Paperclip watermark position
paperclip watermark position

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watermark_path gallery_watermark_path the :gallery_watermark_path doesn't get processed by terpolations: development. Def make # fo "watermark make method" src dst. I have watermarks, galleries, and photos models. Module Paperclip class Encrypt Processor def make raise w no :encrypt_to address provided. Todo: Write usage instructions here, contributing, fork it ( ). I've been attempting to add watermarks to my images, following the answer listed in watermark with paperclip : Watermark. Trans end end end, paperclip watermarking processor has_attached_file :file, styles: detail: geometry: width_x_height watermark_path: g position: 'Center' # SouthEast, NorthWest, etc, processors: :watermark. Org # Astoria LIC find. If I try like this with :gallery_watermark_path defined using terpolations it silently fails.

Original_filename unless options:archived_file_name options:archived_file_name end def create_zip_tempfile w(w( tempfile end end end zip paperclip attachment processor # You'll need to pregenerate a keyring with your pubkey in it and add to your repo. Update: I was able to get past the uninitialized constant error with Graeme's suggestion below of changing: raise PaperclipError, "There was an error processing the watermark for basename" if @whiny to: raise Paperclip:w There was an error processing the watermark for basename if @whiny. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature).