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the series. Yet, if he denies that the sacred has any meaning beyond moral goodness, that would be what he does really mean. Inspired by the thought of the early Church Father, Irenaeus of Lyon (c.130-c.202 CE John Hick has put forward in a number of writings, but above all in his 1966 classic Evil and the God of Love, a theodicy that appeals to the good. 9) claims that the problem of evil is a kind of "moral protest." In asking How could. Goodman's idea that Otto has some sort of complaint here with Kants ethics - "typecasting virtue as obedience he says - is based on no more than Otto's accurate description of Kant's theory of the "holy" will of angels, which is not tempted by human. The biologist and philosopher Daniel. Indeed, James makes this explicit, with the provision that he is not going to deal with the "institutional" side of religion, saying: Worship and sacrifice, procedures for working on the dispositions of the deity, theology and ceremony and ecclesiastical organization, are the essentials of religion.

It is not clear that Goodman's theodicy suffers the least embarrassment or inconvenience from this kind of thing. 191-193) own suggestions about who is responsible for natural evil. Deists, therefore, are often accused of postulating a remote and indifferent God, one who does not exercise providential care over his creation. But at this point, Goodman is nowhere through with his Straw Man: The argument grows paper thin: Concepts become schematizations (Kant's term). But, again, what does he think he is saying?

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Although Plantinga claimed that his Free Will Defense offered merely possible and not necessarily actual reasons God might have for allowing evil and suffering, it may be difficult for other theists to embrace his defense if it runs contrary to what theism says is actually. The inference from this claim to the judgment that there exists gratuitous evil is inductive in nature, and it is this inductive step that sets the evidential argument apart from the logical argument. The word holiness "indicates the highest value or - more precisely - what can be said by men (or angels) when God comes immediately to mind, as in Isaiah 6:3: 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts'." Why should "be holy" mean (as the. Andrew Heckler wrote the foreword to Hargraves book, telling how he was drafting the movie script even as she was writing the book; neither was based on the other. But it wasnt widely acknowledged until a prominent jeweler and civic leader drove her addicted son to the federal prison where he would spend the next five years, for his role in a former classmates overdose death. (10) If God knows about all of the evil and suffering, knows how to eliminate or prevent it, wants to prevent it, and yet does not do so, he must not be all- powerful. A Greek fragment attributed, but improbably, to Aeschylus #464, missing from the Loeb collection, tells us of earth, sea, and mountain shaking beneath the 'dread eye of their Master'. If anything, Westover is more than fair to her hurtful family, and gracious (as gracious as is plausible) in coming to terms with her unusual girlhood, a girlhood she routinely tried to cover up and lie about as she made her way into the broader. Does Plantinga's Free Will Defense succeed in describing a possible state of affairs in which God has a morally sufficient reason for allowing evil? Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans. The wonderful follow-up to that memoir was What Difference Do It Make? Thomas accepts that propositions of dogmatic theology are known only by faith.

The boyfriend had been taking drugs and drinking heavily. This is small fry to what we have already achieved. In sum, Mackie was wrong to think that it is logically impossible for both (1) and (2) to be true. This may be the most disappointing thing about both Jaspers and Arendt.

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