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Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica is probably the most influential intellectual document in Christian theology for its thorough attempt at completeness and its intricate, in-depth analyses. See further discussion under irony. In England, however, the English Queen Consort (a queen married to a ruling husband) can become the Queen Regnant (a queen ruling in her own right) if her husband dies and there are no other male relatives in line to inherit the throne. In opposition to the sign stands the motif which is a symbol taken in the literal phase. Some common styles might be labeled ornate, plain, emotive, scientific, or whatnot. He concedes that the following essays can only give a preliminary, and likely inexact, glimpse of the system of literature. In medieval writing, the Septuagint is often referred to only as the Roman numerals LXX (i.e., "seventy. One of the more amusing examples of scribal corruption comes from the Anglo-Saxon monks of medieval Britain. Using the sounds /c/ and /a/ and /t/ to represent a furred quadroped that hunts mice, or the graphemes c, a, and t as a visual representation of those sounds, is purely arbitrary.

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Structural grammar : A type of structuralism applied to language, this term refers to a descriptivist approach to grammar associated with mid-twentieth-century linguists such as Franz Boas, Edward Sapir, and Leonard Bloomfield. See discussion under zeugma. Anthropologists have noted that scatological humor occurs in nearly every human culture. The name comes from the Roman poet Horace (65 BCE-8 CE who preferred to ridicule human folly in general rather than condemn specific persons. Mountain View, California: Mayfield Publishing Company, 1994. You see it everywhere, in snippets and batches, at the grocery store, in the bleachers during Little League, but this morning it is as though I have been called to witness the ritual of a remote tribe. Frye labels any such symbol a sign. So am I" (2 Cor. Contrast with epic simile and metaphor, above. See also socratic irony. Usually, the verbal parrying is accompanied by the rhetorical device of antithesis (see under schemes ) and repetitive patterns.

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