essay on tsunami 2004 in hindi

within hours after the tsunami struck, the Ministry of Environment and Construction (MEC) joined an inter-ministerial a catchy introduction for an essay task force organized by the President of Maldives,.E Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. Consequences The initial toll by the.S. Car Nicobar, which was worst affected sank to some extent. The tsunami killed around 250,000 people.

Essay on tsunami 2004 in hindi
essay on tsunami 2004 in hindi

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The tsunami was a very traumatic experience for people in east India. It reached countries more than one hundred miles away from the epicenter. In Maldives, 130 of the 200 islands were substantially damaged and 19 inhabited islands were swept away. The other countries which suffered loss of life include Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives and the distant African countries of Somalia, Kenya, Seychelles and Tanzania. Displacement my favourite game football short essay of a part of ocean floor forces the water upwards. Motion of the Earth : The US Geological Survey also expressed the opinion (as expressed by Ken Herdnut) that tremendous energy released by the earthquake made the earth wobble on its axis.

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