garbage problem in karachi essay

Karachi and Lahore give out harmful pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide. Solutions TO THE pollution problems, here are a few solutions to the pollution problems faced by Pakistan: Air Pollution: Instead of using private cars we must use public transport more often and walk for short distances. Even in Islamabad, the cleanest city in Pakistan I could see thick smog over the city from the Margalla hills and while traveling to Murree there was so much of exhaust fumes from vehicles that we had to keep our car windows closed. Air Pollution: in Pakistan the most common source of air pollution is mainly vehicles whose exhaust fumes pollute the air. If this is not done, then the government should take legal action against them. Statistics indicate that on a daily basis, about 12,000 tons of solid waste is generated in Karachi alone, of which forty percent can be found on the city streets. As a result of this the sky of Lahore and Karachi are covered with thick smog.This may lead to many respiratory diseases and may also be harmful to the animals living in such places. D)There must be a regular cleaning of all the canals and channels by the government workers.

Garbage problem in karachi essay
garbage problem in karachi essay

Only less than 5 of the waste is recycled and most of it is disposed directly on the ground. Hence an increase in land pollution may in turn slowly destroy our natural environment which is already at risk.

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D)We can play a part by throwing plastic wrappers and other kinds of waste into the garbage cans and not on the roads. In neighbourhoods across the city from the enclaves of the elite to the sprawling urban slums there are mounds of garbage piling up everywhere, with the provincial government and municipal authorities at sea about how to solve the problem. C)The government should ask the local citizens for proper beach cleaning once in a year. This attracts flies which then spread diseases. B)Instead of using clean water, we can use the filtered industrial water for flushing toilets, watering the plants and washing the cars. In Pakistan there are three major sources of pollution. We must also reuse polythene bags for other purposes such as for carrying things. B) There must be a landfill area where all the rubbish can be disposed off. It is already available at most petrol stations. A total of twenty respondents were interviewed using both structured and unstructured questions.