battle of the somme haig essay

the realities of dirt, disease, and death. However, Haig insisted that it should carry. This reason is how he was not informed well. One of the most famous examples is Accrington in Lancashire. Source C backs this. On the 3rd of August, 1914, Germany invaded Belgium. He had presumed that the barrage would completely destroy the barbed wire so the troops would be able to just walk as they did, shoulder to shoulder across No Mans Land. Cavalry could get behind the German defences, attack the Germans in the open and disrupt the road and rail links that kept the German troops supplied and reinforced. Haig was criticised for sending men to capture enemy trenches, but no politician or military leader came up with any alternatives in 1916. Im going to give you one of the reasons why they could possibly think this. This meant that, to be perfectly honest, Haig had next to no idea as to what was going on in the battle.

Originally the what elements are in a thesis statement Somme was supposed to be a French dominated offensive, however the Germans attacked to the South in Verdun occupying the majority of French troops. 0 To conclude, Im sure that you can guess my verdict. They think that Haig, being the General, must have guided us to the victory. The main accusations are usually directed at the British Commander-in-Chief, General Sir Douglas Haig. Some believe that his tactic was poor and he was mindlessly sending men to their deaths. The British and French governments decided that Haig would have to attack at the Somme in July.