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upon their rituals. In other words, you need evidence to support the statements you make; also, you will need to cite your sources to prove the credibility of the data you use as supporting evidence. You also need to present the reader with evidence that's appropriate for the field you're writing. In fact, the evidence shows that most American families no longer eat together, preferring instead to eat on the go while rushing to the next appointment (Gleick 148). And if there's any doubt how the evidence is relevant to your argument, remember to always explain how they're connected - even if it's obvious to you, it might not always be obvious to your readers.

Supporting Evidence - Prompt Writing Center Answer KEY: upsc Civil Services Preliminary Exam 2016 Essay about, effects of, curfew - 4909 Words

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Strategies for successful writing, successful writing. Dont put information in your essay that comes from the recesses of your mind without finding an authority to support your statements Dont use authorities that have no academic credibility (e.g. Sit-down meals are time to share and connect with others; however, that connection has become less valued, as families begin to prize individual activities over shared time, promoting self-centeredness over group identity. Don't leave your readers to work out the connection independently; remember that even if it's clear to you, it might not be clear to someone else. To convey meaning, students must living in the present moment essay punctuate their work correctly.

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