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democrats hoped was inborn. "Nowhere is the debilitating influence of episodic framing on political accountability more apparent than in presidential election campaigns. Their research precipitated a stream of empirical studies that underscored the media's critical role as vehicles of political information. 11 Kean,., The Disappearing Spoon: And Other True Tales of Madness, Love and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements, Random House, 2011,. Viewers of the thematic frames were more likely to attribute the causes and solutions to governmental policies and other factors beyond the victim's control. So, in a sense, the Supreme Court used the Bill of Rights to deny rights to slaves. President Johnson once quipped that "Reporters are puppets. However, this state of affairs does not occur by human design. Kirkwood, A Study of Sophoclean Drama,. Irony entails endless reflection and violent reversals, and ensures incomprehensibility at the moment it compels speech.

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It sets the agenda of public discussion; and this sweeping political power is unrestrained by any law. 9 According to Richard Whately: Aristotle mentions Eironeia, which in his time was commonly employed to signify, not according to the modern use of 'Irony, saying the contrary to what is meant but, what later writers usually express by Litotes,.e. Journalists and officials share a "managerial ethos" in which both agree that national security, for instance, is best handled without the public's knowledge. But if the same speaker said the same words and intended to communicate that he was upset by claiming he was not, the utterance would be verbal irony.

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President, you can't say that Dallas doesn't love you Kennedy replied, "That's very obvious." Immediately after, he was mortally wounded. These assertions present a veritable challenge to standard journalistic procedure. Knox, in Dictionary of the History of Ideas (1973) " Sardonicus "a web-resource that provides access to similes, ironic and otherwise, harvested from the web. A b Fowler,. (New York: Free Press, 1981) Michael Schudson.

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