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to, but that they preferred to develop character and motive. That same year, heagreed to write exclusively for Thomas Killigrews theatrical company and became ashareholder. Neandercomes to the end for the superiority of the Elizabethans with a close examination of aplay by Johnson which Neander believes a perfect demonstration that the English werecapable of following classical rules. Also, in the French plays, the characters never come in or leave a scene. Lisideius shows that the French plots carefully preserve Aristotle's unities of action, place, and time; Neander replies that English dramatists like. In somewhat "Platonic" method, he creates a dialogue between poet/critics of the day who have different viewpoints aboutthe strengths and weaknesses of British poesy.

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The Essay is then given as a series of speeches in which the companions put forwardwhat they consider to be the best examples of dramatic representation and it is written inthe form of dialogue. In, english literature: Dryden or, The Silent Woman in, of Dramatic Poesie, an Essay (1668) is remarkable as the first extended analysis of an English play, and his. In 1668 Dryden published, of Dramatick Poesie, an Essay, a leisurely discussion between four contemporary writers of whom Dryden (as Neander) is one.

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Even Neander's final argument with Crites over whether rhyme is suitable in drama depends on Aristotle's, poetics : Neander says that Aristotle demands a verbally thesis statement for college admission essay artful lively imitation of nature, while Crites thinks that dramatic imitation ceases to be "just" when it departs from ordinary. The period after the restoration of the Stuarts to the throne is notable in English literary history as an age in which criticism flourished, probably in no small part as a result of the emphasis on neoclassical rules of art in seventeenth century France, where. It is a sophisticated debate between four Restoration gentlemen asthey float down the Thames on a barge. Rather than attempting to create anew set of "rules" for drama, comedy, or verse, he chooses instead to review the existing, generally accepted conventions and decide in what respects they are being followed, orwhether they should be followed by English writers. Hereceived a classical education at Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge, and then moved to London in 1657 to begin his career as a professional writer. Neoclassical criticism, in dramatic literature: Western theory in English is John Drydens, of Dramatick Poesie, an Essay (1668). Dryden synthesizes the best of both English and Continental (particularly French) criticism; hence, the essay is a single source for understanding neoclassical attitudes toward dramatic art. John Dryden, Essay for Drammatic Poesy. This work is a defense of English drama against the champions of both ancient Classical drama and the Neoclassical French theatre; it is also an attempt place in, english literature. In presenting his argument, Dryden takes up the subject that. He left behind almost 30 works for the stage as well as a major criticalstudy ( Essay of Dramatic Poesy) and a number of translations including the works rhaps no nation ever produced a writer that enriched hislanguage with such a variety of models.(Samuel Johnson)Essay.