advantage and disadvantage of video games essay

great arguments for their side, new technology is without a doubt bringing many negative effects. The fear is that the models of aggressive behavior can be considered suitable. Certain types of video games are especially developed to enhance skills, abilities like logical thinking and concentration of user. In some cases, games have proved to aid in dyslexic kids reading better. What matters is the relationship that children create with the game and if the game is suitable or not for their age and abilities. On the other hand, the addiction to these computer games can severely harm the child. Example: Flying a plane in the game encourages child to learn the same in the real life and difficult situations present in the game increases their problem solving ability. Long hours of playing computer games can also result in headaches and dizziness. We start with the high points of playing video games, and the first port-of-call probably comes from learning different skills and gaining knowledge as progress.

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PC and game consoles as leisure technologies changed significantly during the last 20 years from simple games with basic graphics to intermediates between reality and fantasy, making it hard to distinguish what is hyperreality and what is not. Scholars suggest that vicious electronic games can have a negative influence on teenagers (Sageng, Fossheim Larsen, 2012). While not all are affected the same way, it can be said that, in general, violence in the media affects attitudes, values and behaviors of users. Most importantly the gaming users are subject to violence in video games which in turn increases aggressive thoughts in children. The Disadvantages of Playing Video Games. Violence and pornography: video games such as Grand Thief Auto and Call of Duty for over 18 years, are training children to shoot and kill in a virtual world in which the values of life are lost.

Advantage and disadvantage of video games essay
advantage and disadvantage of video games essay

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