essay on fighting back deforestation

estimated in 100 years there will be no rainforests at all. Its estimated that deforestation is responsible for around 20 of greenhouse gas emissions and.5 billion tons of carbon is released every year by tropical deforestation. 13 Due to soil substrates, it is difficult to achieve afforestation on a large proposal planning and writing 5th edition pdf scale compared to other temperate areas endowed with more fertile and less rocky and arid soil conditions. Nasa Land-Cover/Land-Use Change Program.

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essay on fighting back deforestation

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"m: Deforestation tables and charts for Spain". Consequently, forested areas of Poland grew year by year, and on December 31, 2006, forests covered 29 of the how to make an essay appear longer country (see: Polish forests ). Facts 19: The total world forest loss till date.3 million hectares per year. Public works programs under the New Deal saw the planting of 18,000 miles of windbreaks stretching from North Dakota to Texas to fight soil erosion (see Great Plains Shelterbelt ). The highest percent of forest loss is Malaysia. Over half of the worlds forests have been destroyed over 10,000 years, the majority in just the last 50 years. The highest area of forest loss is Brazil.

1, 05/06 Shaul Ephraim Cohen. Millions of people in the world depend on forests for hunting, small-scale agriculture, gathering, and medicine. By focusing on recycling paper, plastics, and wood products as well as adopting responsible consumerism, it means there will be less dependence on the natural resources and trees.