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works I have had opportunities to illustrate the views of leading persons in legal profession, human rights activists and journals/newspapers towards human rights issues and man for man plus one to one-cum-one for other approach treating human. 7CHuman Rights, The Internet Encyclopedia Philosophy 2006, Author: Andrew Fagan, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex:. The use of force involved should be no more than absolutely necessary (Korff, 2006). This constitutes the right to people-centred human development where people and their well-being come first, ahead of all other development objectives and priorities.

Mozammel Hoque Published in Human Rights Law, Page 267, BBC Human Rights in 21st Century: Future Challenges By Mohammed Yeasin Khan Published in The Independent, Dhaka, Bangladesh as its Editorial on uman Rights in 21st Century By John Battle (The Writer is the British FCO. 6C Human Rights Protection By Michelle Maiese Beyond Intractability. H4: For protection and promotion of human rights for continuous peace and development worldwide, instead of making enmity or making target of guns and bringing within the range of high-tech missiles or sophisticated nuclear weapons, every human being needs to make target to earn, acquire. Taking upon this way a world government may be founded in the future. Similarly discovery of love is also a life long exploration and experience. Therefore, the moment any of the rules of this International Bill of Human Rights is written into the law, constitutional or otherwise, in any country that rule of human rights becomes the legal rights of the citizens, enforceable by the Court of law of the. (European Convention on Human Rights, 2010,. (1) Everyone has the right to education. Feminism, Womens Human Rights and Cultural Differences.

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