my hopes and dreams for the future essay

Whichever we start concentrating on will be the one we hear. Hope is something everyone needs. But as we are growing up, that question will be asked again. I want to be happy.

my hopes and dreams for the future essay

The, india of, my Dreams.
Action- Into that heaven of freedom, my, father, let my country awake.
Goes a poem written by rabindranath tagore, renowned writer, author nd poet, and more importantly, an indian who dreamt of a better india in the future.
My list of Hope and Dreams can go on forever, but one Hope I find significant is: Hoping there will be a day when Cancer, is just a Zodiac sign.
Cancer continues to be a major disease in many countries.

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The numbers of those dying from Cancer in the world are increasing. In your day workbook we are going to explore some of your hopes and dreams. Let me know, maybe Ill change the list sooner than I thought! One of the things Ive learned about success from all the reading Ive been doing is the importance of thinking big, setting goals, and programming your subconscious mind. As I have mentioned earlier, everyone wants to become successful in the future. The next step will be to play a commercial in my mind over and over again of what it will be like achieving them.

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