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and as we all know theres no harsher judge of a kid than herself. Effort is something to be proud of, says. Show More, social media and Self-esteem, anh Phung. This means everyone, says. This comparison often draws peoples attention to their own limitations, thus lowers the confidence in themselves (Angie Zuo, 2014). Facebook is the most outstanding example of successful social media network. Take social media seriously. What a happy couple.

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Wick says keeping teens from falling into the social media trap is more complicated than it sounds. Even the knowledge that these images mask serious problems doesnt seem to alleviate the pressure they cause. She may post smiling selfies all day long, but if she seems unhappy or sounds unhappy on the phone, dont let. According to Coopersmiths definition, self-esteem is the evaluation which the individual makes and customarily maintains with regard to himself: it expresses an attitude of approval and indicates the extent to which an individual believes himself to be capable, significant, successful and worthy. Donna Wick, EdD, founder of Mind-to-Mind Parenting, says that for teenagers the combined weight of vulnerability, the need for validation, and a desire to compare themselves with peers forms what she describes as a perfect storm of self-doubt. Leonel Galindo, pY 101-004, homework 7 11/7/13, the rising popularity of social media networks and sites has arguably taken a toll on society and the generations of today that use them. When your child has worked hard on something, praise her efforts no matter what the outcome. According to Forbes, a UK study showed that 50 of people that used social networking sites reported that it had a negative effect on their lives. Dont underestimate the role social media plays in the lives of teenagers, warns. Make sure she knows its safe to talk to you by encouraging her to share her feelings and supporting her when she does.

But making sure she knows you love her and youre proud of her as she isunfiltered, unedited, imperfectwill help her build confidence she needs to accept herself and stay safe and healthy when shes out on her own. Related: 13 Ways to Boost Your Daughters Self-Esteem. Its like we were saying, Good job. In this day and age, social media has become an integral part of our lives. And not only that its okay to fail, but that showing it is okay, too.

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