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de Boer (RUN) Semantic Mapping in short and easy essay on environmental pollution Video Retrieval Promotor: Prof. De Rijke (UVA) Co-promotor:. Aldewereld (TUD) Promotie: 20 February Randy Klaassen (UT) HCI Perspectives on Behavior Change Support Systems Promotor: Prof. Baltes (University of Konstanz) Promotie:02 December Frederik Schadd (UM) Ontology Mapping with Auxiliary Resources Promotor: Prof. Witteveen (TUD) Promotie: 28 November Botond Cseke (RUN) Variational Algorithms for Bayesian Inference in Latent Gaussian Models Promotor: Prof. Huibers (UT) Copromotor:. Koper (OU) Co-promotor:.

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Van Oostendorp (UU) Promotie: Valentin Zhizhkun (UVA) Graph transformation for Natural Language Processing Promotor: Prof. De Jong (UT) Co-promotor:. Nijholt (UT) en prof. Theune (UT) Promotie: Klaas Andries de Graaf (VU) Ontology-based Software Architecture Documentation Promotor: prof. Winands (UM) Promotie: 02 December Jochem Liem (UVA) Supporting the Conceptual Modelling of Dynamic Systems: A Knowledge Engineering Perspective on Qualitative Reasoning Promotor: prof. Englebienne (UT) Promotie: Jianpeng Zhang (TUE) On Graph Sample Clustering Promotor: Prof. Eiben (VU) Copromotor:. Jansweijer (UVA) Promotie: Vinicius Ramos (TUE) Adaptive Hypermedia Courses: Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation and Tool Support Promotores:Prof. Kersten (CWI / UVA) Co-promotor:. Van den Bosch (UVT) Copromotor:.

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