importance of culture in society essay

but the people of that culture they. M hires only professional writers! They copy behavior they have seen and adopt different roles3 and thats fact that babies and children learned culture by watching their parents and close family and then they apply these different roles in their Daily life and thus adapt their culture. But still there are also so cultures which do not gives focus to education. Those who do not follow their culture or do some changes in that, they havent give any values to them because they are not following their religion. The culture provides solution to the critical problem that is faced to community. Because culture does not exist at such human level. Without education humanity is not possible, therefore almost all the cultures gives importance to education and they possess only education for their success.

Culture provides traditional interpretations to certain situation. It is culture that makes the human, a man, regulates his conduct and prepares him for group life. For instance, the Carnival in Rio and the Woodstock in USA see a million tourists visiting the country to take part in the festivals. One author says that culture can be thought of as the normative order, operating through operational and social influence, that guide and constrains the behavior of people in from above statement it is clear that culture is the overall thought in a normative order.

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Social: Culture is social it is not the individual phenomena. It is not the thing that someone posses it individually. Through culture men gets traditional interpretation for many situations according to which he determines his behavior. Family: Family is one of the most important concept in the culture. Each society can see its culture reflected in its language, folktales, music, literature, and even in the way it raises its people. Role Culture: This is in the. With this number set to increase and numerous countries' economy becoming ever more dependent on tourism, it is essential to examine a tourist's relationship with material culture whilst on their travels. This leads to a great increase in revenue, and also creates a number of jobs. Those cultures that have Islam as religion they apply the order of Islam in their daily life and mostly these people led a very happy life without much resources. Culture is the common denominator that makes the actions of the individuals understandable to a particular group. All action the action we do like eating, dressing wearing ornaments etc is the result of culture we learned.

importance of culture in society essay

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