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walls of text essays that got me into harvard for the reader. It's also worth noting that because of the way this system is set up, you could theoretically send a different essay to each school. Pay Attention to the Word Limit. After moving from Berlin to New York at age fifteen, my feelings of cultural homelessness thrived in my new environment. Per a Common App survey, 85 of member schools "feel the prompts should be left open to broad interpretation. Otherwise, you risk seeming self-indulgent.

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The idea is that the Common App is a one-stop shop so you dont have to complete a million separate applications. Execution: Explain a time that you questioned a particular belief or way of thinking. You essay may touch on themes like personal responsibility and your role in the world and your community. The first asks students to share examples of their intellectual curiosity. 4) Structure and Organize Your Essay Effectively The Common App essay isnt like many of the other argumentative essays youve been taught to write in school. It could use more vivid and evocative language. Can you find a positive lesson in a negative experience? Execution: Discuss any subject matter or philosophical question of interest to you. While your test scores, course load, and grades provide a quantitative picture of you as a student, the Common App essay offers a glimpse into your identity and personality. Now theres something to keep in mind before exploring how to compose the Common App essay, and thats the purpose of this task. A good brainstorming exercise for this prompt would be to write your problem on a sheet of paper and then develop various solutions to the problem, including a brief reason for justification.