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force, has both its own economic and political consequences in the life of any nation. In most of the culture the religion is very respectful to all of the culture members and they also strictly obey their religion. Mattone was raised Catholic and attended Holy Cross High School in New York, where he has also been on can i use personal viewpoint for academic essay the Board of Directors. Importance of Culture Essay Internet. It is only when you dont see a trace of their culture anywhere anymore, which they stop to exist. If you liked this article, check out. Building also plays important role in culture identity. They are our future! Culture is always transferred through sharing so it mean that for transferring the culture the sharing is must. Nowadays the culture is changing so much fast because of this reason that the people not giving so much importance to their culture, especially dress. Most young Papua New Guineans today find it difficult to accept both cultures.

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Understanding our cultural heritage can give a sense of personal identity. Gradually the dressing importance is also disappearing from the people. We can see it in the buildings, townscapes, and even in archaeological remains. Culture Learning: The Fifth Dimension on the Language Classroom. Not everyone feels a connection with their cultural heritage, but many people. We now find ourselves short essay on man and the environment caught in between two contemporary cultures the traditional and the western culture. Even subcontinent is also treated as one culture but this in a specific occasion for example Asia is the largest subcontinent but the countries outside the Asia also says the words like Asian culture and we says the European culture or African culture. Many thanks to the National Executive Council (NEC) for recently approving a national policy on traditional medicine for Papua New Guinea which the Health Department has been directed to monitor the implementation and coordination of the policy nationwide and build a national database on traditional.