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voice." (Thesiger,.71). T care for some of the dishes, you should try them again later. "Dutch Treat" is not known in the Arab world.

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However, according to Arab customs, the soles of your shoes should never face a person. He will serve dessert and perhaps more coffee. And bin Kabina said,?He hasn? Whereas back home I routinely eat snacks while walking or sitting and eat meals without offering essay on increasing pollution in english others a piece, here it is usually considered shameful to eat anything without offering your food to anyone around you. Hospitality is shown regardless of personal cost and is expected to be returned. The second factor is that the demands of friendship and of socializing, in general, are much lower on the scale of priorities in the United States than they are in the Arab world. The misunderstanding, then, is the result of two factors. Friendship in the Middle East is much more demanding than it is here, so that what we call friends they would consider merely acquaintances. Hatem insisted, despite all protests, that his visitor stay for dinner.