should we spend money on space exploration essay

earth is really small. It's better because you sleep there and you also get to fly in the space station.

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Events like this, could, in the future be prevented by funding space programs and having them have more of a budget that is able to be used developing technology to prevent meteor strikes by changing the orbit paths of the asteroids so that they. It's important to place the question in context, because most people in the general public think nasa gets a much larger fraction of the.S. We don't know what we're going to find until we get out there. Budget than it actually does (people tend to think it gets five or even 15 or 20 percent of the budget, when the actual number is about.4 percent). Where would we be now if we didn't have the internet? But it's such a lot of money that it's difficult to explain briefly why it's worth. Conclusively we should not look for a new planet but we should overcome our environmental problems not as a country but as a whole. We need to spend more money on space exploration to find out what is out there and explore the vast universe for other planets the can support life in other star systems. I think we have taken enough from the world and we should be satiated with Earth. Space exploration is worth.

should we spend money on space exploration essay

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