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the states of India are witnessing popular increase in public demand for teaching of English language from the primary classes. You can develop your knowledge for betterment of your knowledge. Moreover, they will even have to go business trip for their company. A language attracts people because of the wealth of literature and knowledge enshrined.

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We need to know English language in order to study any science subject or any computer language. Yes, other languages are important too, but not for the same reasons as English is half the sky thesis important. This can merely be based on the efficiency of tertiary education. We must make the best use of English to develop ourselves culturally and materially so that we can compete with the best in the world of mind and matter. The last reason for favouring English as the medium of instruction of Turkish universities is that it faclitates accessing information. The Power of English Language, without the powerful language English, connecting nations all over the world would have been something impossible. And so it is an absolute neccesity. He can prepare his assigments and tasks with the help of these information. Her book sold lakhs of copies all over the globe. In addition, university students can use some specific hardware and software of computers with their English to communicate others.