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Project Prepared by:. The reader is looking to answer questions, such as: What is the student trying to achieve? The Aim Objectives, Literature Review Methodology sections of this Interim Report should provide a prototype of the first 3 Chapters of your final Dissertation Document; It is almost certain that the content of these Chapters will change; but you really need to have done something.

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If the citation can contribute to the sense of the sentence: Smith (2004) has provided evidence that these figures are incorrect. We treat Plagiarism very seriously. Click here to download a pdf of a sample progress report. Your interim report, like other reports and essays, needs to connect the literature clearly to your project. You need to show the reader what you have achieved and how you plan to complete the project. Does the student demonstrate good knowledge of the field by having broad, relevant and up-to-date sources? The reader will want to be able to see you understand the field. What do Citations look like? References, must appear in full, at the back of your text, in the form: Author (Date Title, Publisher. References A full bibliographic description for each source that has been used,.g: BSI (1989 Recommendations for references to published materials.

Ian Perry 44241: Dissertation: Interim Report? The Analysis of Microarray Data Interim Report Basel Abu Jamous. A well work ed-out project and a well written dissertation should make a one week period. This document is a final stage report for a project titled Liquid Brain Music, relating.