essay on inclusion of special education students

a factual beginning in the understanding of whether or not inclusion is appropriate in the American Public School of today. For the purpose of this paper I will be using the term inclusion. With the focus being on inclusion, educators are increasingly concerned with the social difficulties of students with disabilities (Lewis, Chard, Scott, 1994). tags: Teaching Education Schools Essays Papers Strong Essays 1326 words (3.8 pages) Preview - Retard, mentally handicapped, mentally disabled, special, mentally challenged, these are just a few of the names we have all heard in reference to individuals who have disabilities. Currently, the federal inclusion law,.D.E.A. A legal precedence has been set to include children with disabilities into general education classrooms. In a full general education classroom of students, a teacher must teach to an array of students. tags: general education classrooms Term Papers 1300 words (3.7 pages) Preview - Diversity is a notion, when applied to the majority of circumstances, can create a positive conclusion. Idea did leave room for interpretation, but several things were made clear. Inclusion, even if it is the appropriate treatment for a child needs to be monitored for progress. These different methods have been implemented to better the lives of children with disabilities particularly within the education system.

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tags: Inclusion Classroom Education Learning Essays. The concept of race also causes inclusion, exclusion, and segregation.S society. tags: technology, educators, students, skills Powerful Essays 2115 words (6 pages) Preview - Special Education and Inclusion Many people seem to look past how learning-disabled students would feel to be placed in a mainstream classroom which includes students without disabilities rather than. What is often seen missing from this debate is the effect that full inclusion has on the non-disabled students in the classroom. Since we cannot expect to "cure" or "fix" these kids who have disabilities, how can we educate them to their fullest capacity? Nonetheless, before a school can implement a program in their school they need reliable evidence that the new program will work. Do we include them in the general education class with the regular learning population or do we separate them to learn in a special environment more suited to their needs. The history and subsequent laws of inclusion can help us to understand how we got to this point. One high achieving male indicated, They interrupt our learning process.(Litvack, Ritchie, Shore, 2011,.483) Average achieving students, particularly girls tended to report that those with disabilities had little impact on their learning, stating that they were like themselves but had a few problems. Inclusion of autistic children has shown to be beneficial due to the notion that these 'disabled kids' can attend 'normal' classes with their non-learning disabled peers.

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