essay on digital relationship between law and history

significant influence on the creation and enactment of legislature. Freedom of the Press was one of the subjects discussed by Thomas Jefferson in his first inaugural address, and we agree with this great patriot that freedom of the press from all obligations except that of fidelity to the public interests, is vital in our. In contrast, legal rules can be changed by enactment and even the date of the change can be fixed to a certain date.

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essay on digital relationship between law and history

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The only difference lies in the degree of utilization of the formal legal systems. We take it for granted now that all human beings are entitled to the same human rights, but only two hundred years ago the prevailing morality of Western Europe and America was that black people were less than human. Law is framed and enforced by a determinate political authority. Laws reflect the political, social and economic relationships in the society. The background and context of the research is very crucial to determine which way the sociologist will interpret the solution simply because sociology is a study with scope for interpretation. But good laws sometimes serve to rouse the moral conscience of the people and create and maintain such conditions as may encourage the growth of morality.

Essay on digital relationship between law and history
essay on digital relationship between law and history

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