extinction of endangered species essay

with shipping, and clog waterways; In the. Many organisms have a conventional beauty that goes far beyond that on any other. By turning off all the lights in your home that you are not using, energy will be saved. Research Papers 1146 words (3.3 pages) - California, once a land of legendary beauty, is now easier to see as a concrete paved state, overrun with cars and absent of the old growth redwoods that once defined the coasts. The Dog is a descendent of the wolf. How have these species come to the point of becoming endangered or extinct?

extinction of endangered species essay

This" was stated on a website called Animal Port. There are many reasons why this statement is true, one of them are poaching.

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Reintroducing species such as golden tamarin moneys, wolves and condors, has been a success. Environmental change is still the primary cause of the extinction of animals, but now the changes are greatly accelerated by humans activity. Others can help out, too, by cleaning up any nearby scraps and litter that is harmful to many organisms. The Pathology department is working to pinpoint the cause of death of many animals and methods to prevent. Others become extinct because pesticides are put on the food we eat, causing the animals that eat the insects off the plant to become contaminated, which causes their predators to become contaminated, which often affects the shell of that organism? Many species have been exterminated or endangered as a result of humans killing the individuals for food. Around one specie dies out every year. Invite guest speakers such as a recycling center director or a community leader to talk about their activities. Although most countries have strict rules and regulations about the hunting and transporting of these animals, it seems that a few are always getting around these laws or getting away with their crimes. Overexploitation of species has resulted in their extinction. The causes of the extinction of these animals are Pollution, Habitat destruction, and Accidental Kills. Better management and stock modelling may help reverse the trend, but others argue that many fisheries are already doomed.

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